About Us

Our Paws R Clean services the Kennesaw, Marietta, Smyrna, Acworth, and Woodstock areas for over 10 years. Our job is to eradicate the most unpleasant and unsanitary aspect of owning a dog. Pet waste is more than unpleasant. It can also be hazardous to children, adults, and pets. Parasites and diseases can be transmitted through feces that can linger in your soil for years. These parasite and diseases can be trasmitted and be harmful to your entire family.

Our Mission
To provide the best pet waste removal for our customers. Our purpose is to eliminate your hassle and remove your pet's waste so you can completely enjoy your lawn.

Did you know?
Over 53 million dogs in the United States produce 6.3 billion pounds of waste per year. It would take a scoop the size of a football field and 800 feet tall to dispose of it.


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